Robert Cleveland

Senior Conservative Editor

Robert Cleveland featured on AND - Photo: AND Archives

Robert Cleveland

Senior Conservative Editor | Photo: AND Archives

Recent contributions:

Robert Cleveland is the IT Director for a nationwide document management services company. When he isn't working on computers and scanners, he's spending time with his wife and two daughters?or writing about just how jacked-up Washington politics is. He is a strong believer that hard work and freedom are what make America the greatest nation on the planet, and it is of the utmost importance that we never lose those values.

Robert?s other writing can be found at his blog, True Conservatism, and he can be heard every Thursday at 1:00 PM Pacific on KNZR radio in Bakersfield.

Robert Cleveland's most recent 139:

( * = A cover-featured contribution )

Refugee Stupidity*

Affiliation With the Ass*

Lessons Learned*

Have We Forgotten*

Evil In Our Time

Confederate Red Herring*

For A Free Country*

Ready For Hillary*

Threatened Freedoms*

Keeping Hillary Straight*

America: A 4-Letter Word*

The Not-So-Neutral Net*

The Battle Over DHS*

American Sniper*

Terrorism Is Winning*

Illegal Is The New Legal*

Playing The Long Game*

The Statist GOP*

No Justice No Peace*

Dying Freedoms*

Racist For Existing*

Containing Ebola*

The Competence Gap*

Doomed To Fail*

The Political Football

Elections Over Everything

If ISIS Were A Golf Ball

Time For Real Justice

The ISIS Threat*

Bucking For Impeachment*

The Insanity of Ceasefire*

A Pattern Of Obstruction*

Take Me To Our Leader*

Redefining Rights*

Border In Crisis*

Divided We Fall*

United States of Terror*

The Climate Of Freedom*

Still Lying*

Poor Pitiful Holder


California Corruption*

Banning The Cross*

Showdown In Connecticut*

California's Gun Ban*

The Politics Of Drought*

The War On Charity*

Working Together*

Why Care About Christie?*

Tolerance Is Now Bigotry

Bad Budget Deal*

Playa Got Played*

Delay Is Not A Solution*

Obamacare Lies

Obamacare Doomed To Fail*

Presidential Pain*

Shut It Down*

The Real T.S.A.*

Bizarrely Commonplace*

To Syria Or Not To Syria

California Confusion*

Politics and Music*

Obama's Tax Plan

Bombing For Fame*

The Zimmerman Verdict*

The Real IRS*

This Is What They Get*

Institutional Hoplophobia*

American Feudalism*

When Opportunity Knocks*

A Time For Impeachment

Hatred And Control*

The Risk Of Liberty


The Reasons For Repeal

Earned, Not Given

The Politics Of Arrogance

An Open Letter To Speaker Boehner

The Insanity Of Equality*

The Benghazi Flu

A Useless Conversation

Fiscal Cliff Diving

License To Terrorize

Sex, Lies & Benghazigate

Time For Election Reform

Raising money, not bar

Professor Obama

The Truth About Benghazi

The Petty President

Obama Awake

Smilin Biden

Too Big Bird To Fail

Romney's Great Debate

Foreign Policy Failure

Actions Speak Louder

Extremist For Life

The Stupid Economy

The War On Chicken

You Didn't Build It

Following Futility

Mandate Made Law

Department Of Injustice

Silence The Right

guilty of everything

Can Capitalism Die

When Will Atlas Shrug

Party People In The House

Project Glass

Separation of Egos

Afghan payoff: Catch-22

All The Austerity You Can Handle

The Real Rush

Fifteen Trillion Reasons

The Contraception Fluke

It's About Freedom

Anti-Freedom PresidenT

One Person, One Vote

Blueprint For Failure

Good For Him, Bad For US

True Conservatism

Rewriting The Present

Debate Debates

Challenging Obama

Fast and Frustrating

This Is Not Democracy

Derailing the cain train

Liberating Libya

Occupational hazard

Misunderstanding Reality

pass the buck

jobs plan drinking game

unintended consequences

The crisis is over!

Dueling Politicians

reid puts politics first

the adult in the room

Selling Out The Future

debt ceiling distraction

Rose Colored Glasses

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