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Claude Morton

Column Editor

Claude Morton featured on AND - Photo: AND Archives

Claude Morton

Column Editor | Photo: AND Archives

Recent contributions:

Claude Morton is an independent contributor, who mostly writes articles on politics, Veganism, philosophy, or local events. Claude has contributed to a variety of print and online outlets including Yahoo!, MovieMaker Magazine, and the Ann Arbor News.

From Claude;

I’m in the 1%, no, not that 1%. I’m a vegan, indie filmmaker, libertarian socialist, and a pacifist. I champion freedom as much as equality, and love discussing solutions about our country’s biggest dilemmas. I’m also an independent; I respect and learn from all political viewpoints, regardless of position on the political scale, and thus appear as a myriad of incongruities. But at last, you must concede, you know not what the human spirit embodies, and that’s exactly what I am. So let us all learn, love, and have fun together, grow to newer heights, and take this great experiment to its next evolution.

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