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Matt Sky

Activism Editor

Matt Sky featured on AND - Photo: AND Archives

Matt Sky

Activism Editor | Photo: AND Archives

Recent contributions:

Matt Sky is a political commentator, activist and web consultant. His recent activism has included supporting the Lower Manhattan Park51 Community center on the basis of freedom of religion, and his involvement in the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.

His advocacy in both of these causes gained notable press recognition from many press outlets around the world, including The New York Times, CNN, Time Magazine, ABC News, CBS, The Washington Post, MSNBC, RT, The Christian Science Monitor, and many more.

Matt Sky continues to advocate, discuss and write about causes he cares about, which include gay rights, human rights, civil rights, economic equality, health, education, animal rights, and civil liberties.

Matt Sky can be seen hosting Sky vs. Sky, a weekly political talk show on AND Magazine. Matt Sky believes direct, open, and civil debate allows us to evaluate and question our preconceived notions, ultimately allowing for the discovery of solutions to the many problems we face in the world today.

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